Simple Storage Pricing

$19 per month account maintenance fee

Pricing is per pallet position, per standard pallet 48" x 40" x 72" (up to 80 cubic feet per pallet position). Max of 1500 lbs.

A pallet that is not a full 72 inches high, still counts as a pallet position. For example, a pallet could be only 20 inches high, but it still takes up floor or rack space in our warehouse and counts as a pallet position.

$9 per week or $39 per month (per pallet position)

This is equivalent to $0.49 per cubic foot per month, or $17.30 per cubic meter per month, which is cheaper than what Amazon charges for storage. And, our storage rates do not change in Q4 as Amazon's does. Our storage rates are the same for all 12 months of the year, and we do not charge extra for long term storage.

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To those that are on a Wholesale/PL, OA, carton forwarding, or any other type of plan: we will charge weekly storage, but we will not double charge the account maintenance fees.

In regards to pallet consolidation requests, we only do this for same-SKU pallets, due to the fact that mixing SKU's on a pallet will create inefficiencies for pick/pack/ship operations.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not offer a "free week". Some of our clients turn 100% of their products in less than 7 days... so we have a grace period where we do not charge if products are in our warehouse for LESS than 7 days. If your products are in our warehouse for 7 days or more, then there is a storage charge. There is also a storage charge for any pallets of materials, unique and specific to your jobs, such as special size boxes.

A limited number of storage shelves are also available for $6 per month (34" x 24" x 12"). And we also have a limited number of storage carts for $10-30 per month. Inquire for details.